Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fourteen Miles!

Today we broke into uncharted territory -- a 14-mile run! We ran from the house the same way we ride into work: down to the Fred Meyer, out along the Burke-Gilman to Fremont, across the Fremont bridge, along the newly paved path along Westlake, past the houseboats and boat shops, across the S.L.U.T. tracks, right on Harrison, left on Dexter, then right on Bell, and then left on 2nd all the way down to Yesler. Whee!

At Yesler we turned and ran down to the waterfront -- very few tourists at this time of day -- and all the way down past the Sculpture Park, past the grain silos, through the train yard, and past the boathouses to the Locks, where we were reminded of how little spatial awareness most people have. Then the short run home through the Ballard backstreets, and we hit mile 14. Hooray!

I had a rough start -- my right foot and calf were really bothering me, felt very stiff. But I loosened up after a couple of miles and then I was okay until about mile 12, when I was tired and ready to be done. We went at a slower pace than we did in the half marathon last weekend -- probably the lack of others to pace ourselves with.

My iPod shut itself off after 9.96 miles, but I'm still giving myself credit for 14. Wil's iPod recorded 14.02 miles, 2:37, pace 11:14, 2108 calories.

We got ourselves up and out the door early -- by 7:40, I think -- which certainly helped our moods. I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. And a pint of cider.

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  1. What a clever girl, five day to go this month and you've exceded your mileage goal! Well done!!