Friday, October 17, 2008

a day late, and 5 minutes short...

I got home late on Thursday so we decided to postpone our run until today. Neither of us felt particularly sprightly; Wil is stressed because of work, and I somehow managed to only eat a bagel all day so I was hungry. A handful of Sport Beans and a bit of false enthusiasm managed to get us out the door...

We kept telling each other we were doing a slow run -- just get a few miles in and take it easy so we are fresh for the half on Sunday. But somehow, even though I felt like we were sluggish and slow, we managed to go faster than usual -- 30 seconds per mile faster. We went so fast that we had finished our standard "loop" 5 minutes early. Rather than force things, we just retired early and did a bit of extra stretching.

Now, a few hours later, my ankles feel a bit tender -- not sure why. Tomorrow we'll get up early-ish, throw way too much stuff in the weekend bag, and then head down to PDX. Looking forward to our trip!

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