Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our second half of the year, and surprisingly fast...

Just got back to the hotel after finishing our second half marathon of the year...

and we finished in 2.21  which is amazing for us..  10.40 miles (including a line for a potty stop halfway through!!)  The weather was perfect, as we stayed the right temperature all the way through, and the course had a last minute change due to a landslide.  So it turned into an out and back, but as from 6 to 9.5 miles was a gentle uphill (boo) it meant that 9.5 to finish was a gentle downhill all the way (yayyyyy).

We're psyched, which I am sure is helped along by the fact that the finisher's beverage was beer.  Sadly the finisher's food was chicken wings;  but we turned that into a positive by asking the beer man for a second pint for our food token, as there was no veggie alternative he thought that was a fine idea.   (then walking away with a couple of pints prompted another nice couple to give us the beer tokens they didn't want too...)

So all in all our fastest half marathon followed by 3 pints all before 10.30 means we're having a lovely Sunday in Portland..


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