Thursday, October 2, 2008


Two milestones today.

Today's run was my 100th Nike+ workout. This means very little, since I didn't always manage to capture my runs in the early days. But it's still nice to see the workouts add up.

Today also marks 100 days left before the Walt Disney World Marathon. This means a lot -- since it means we really really REALLY need to be serious about it. We duly went out for a run, running for 40 minutes plus a warmup walk. We were scheduled to do "drills" today -- but after one minute of sprinting on the drizzle-slickened, uneven sidewalks of Ballard we decided to just jog out another two minutes. Too much risk of me tripping, slipping, or otherwise damaging my poor scabby knees.

Oh, and after the run I went hosiery shopping. Not sure where to buy the "so thick you can't see my own skin" hose, but I bought a wide selection of hose... Again, I should apologize in advance for the state of my knees in Rebecca & Eric's wedding photos!

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