Sunday, September 21, 2008

the tiniest of runs

Wil and I went out to Green Lake this morning for a tiny little run. We decided to flip our usual intervals around and walk 5, run 1 -- just to see how my knee felt. We went around twice and it was only at the very end that I started to feel any pain at all. I did feel sluggish and winded easily, but I chalk that up to not exercising for a week. I did, however, have moments when I felt good and smooth and like I wanted to run farther and faster. But I'm trying to take it easy and not hurt myself again.

Also went to Road Runner and tried on a pair of Hurricane Xs -- nice! Light and comfy. They didn't have the black/silver ones in stock, but they will ship them to my home for no extra charge. Yay! New kicks! Also bought some new SuperFeet and another sensor pouch so that I won't have to swap the bits back and forth when I start breaking the shoes in.

Finally, I also remembered to get Dixie Cups so I can freeze little ice massagers... I put three little cups of water in the downstairs freezer for tomorrow...

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