Saturday, September 20, 2008

refresh, renew, revitalise

Rather than having a bridal shower for Rebecca, we decided on a trip to the Olympus Spa for a soak, a scrub, and (in my case) a massage. I've been trying to cheer myself up -- to stop worrying about work and running -- with little success. So while I lay on the table being scrubbed pink by an enthusiastic young Korean lady ("Tina"), I tried to picture my sadness being scrubbed away. Scrub scrub scrub, rinse; scrub scrub scrub, rinse...

Later, during the massage, I tried to picture warm happy thoughts being rubbed into my muscles, to imagine happy energy.

Barbara (who had a scrub and a moisturizing treatment) told me that she was recommitting to a fitness plan that starts tomorrow -- to be able to look back upon today's spa day as a new start. Amen, sister.

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  1. Yay! I am clearly behind in my blog reading! I like the scrubbing visualization. And I had a lot of fun--thank you again!