Tuesday, September 2, 2008

plod plod plod

Neither of us were in particularly good moods today... but I'm proud to say we got home, laced up our shoes, and went out for our 40-minute run. The usual -- 5-minute warmup, 40-minute run, 50-minute cooldown. Nothing spectacular to report, other than we were both pretty slow. Not sure what caused it -- a bit of lingering fatigue after the weekend? Lingering work stress? I just don't know. I managed to pause my workout about 8 minutes in on my Nike+, and Wil's Garmin acted up. Wil's Nike+, however, reported something like 4.19 miles. Not our best time...

Right foot still feeling sore... luckily the new Saucony Hurricane 10 is out... and did I mention it's available in BLACK!!! Hello Road Runner!

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