Sunday, January 24, 2021

Hike of the Week: Camp Wil-Sun to Carkeek Park, 1/24/21

On a drizzly Sunday we decided to stay closer to home and got for a walk in a local park. But in order to get some extra miles under our feet, we walked there and back. And we visited part of the park we had never seen before. 

We made our way to Mary Street, as it appeared that a trail would lead from the dead end there into the park. Happily, yes! 

And soon we left the city behind us as we went downhill into the park. 

We reached a turn and a lookout over the water -- weirdly unexpected as we had never been in this part of the trail before. 

And then we continued down toward the bridge that crosses the railway tracks. I do always love stairs built into a trail!

There were a few too many people on the beach for our comfort, so we decided to turn and head back up the Piper Creek Trail and then to home. I always forget in November / early December, but I'd really like to come here to watch the salmon swimming upstream to spawn!

Not the most exciting or strenuous of hikes, but Carkeek Park is pretty, has some nice hills to climb, and didn't require us to get in a car, drive up a potholed forest road, or share a trail with too many people. I suspect we'll walk this loop again. 

Camp Wil-Sun to Carkeek Park

6.23 miles
512 feet elevation gain

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