Sunday, January 3, 2021

Hike of the Week: Camano Island State Park, 1/1/21


Decided to kick off 2021 with a little wander around Camano Island State Park, which was not far from where we were staying over my birthday weekend. 

We arrived early, with very few people in the parking area -- perfect as we are still trying to avoid people as much as possible, especially the people who won't wear masks!

To be honest, the trails were nothing special, but it was nice to get some fresh air and stretch our legs. 

Every so often we had a break in the trees on the bluff and glimpsed the water:

And at one point, we felt like we were being watched....

Even though the hike was short, there was a lot of up and down -- so we felt like we'd actually done a little work.

When we finished the loop we started to see a lot of people coming into the park, so it was a good time to head out back to our cottage. I wouldn't call this a destination hike by any means, but great since we were already in the neighborhood.

Camano Island State Park Loop

3.06 miles
436 feet elevation gain

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