Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Hike of the Week - bonus! Snoqualmie Valley Trail, 1/17/21


A three-day weekend meant an extra day to fit in a little hike. After all the previous day's "close encounters" we decided to look for a wider trail. 

We've been enjoying the wide "rail trails" that crisscross our region, so decided to drive to a different section of a trail we have walked and ridden in the past: the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.

We passed under I-90 and worried that it would be noisy. But we soon came to the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River and it drowned out all the traffic noise. 

To be honest, the trail was neither challenging nor particularly scenic. But it was quiet and we only saw a few other people on the trail the whole time we were out. 

Of course, none of the people we saw wore masks, soooo..... But the trail was wide and we were able to stay far away from everyone.

The trail was long, slow, gentle uphill -- which would be the perfect trail for me to run on. It also made me want to bring the bikes to this part of the trail and go for a long ride.

We had decided to go three miles up the trail, and three miles back. Nice and gentle. 

If we lived closer we would walk this trail all the time, even if this wasn't much of a "hike hike". Still, a nice, gentle day out.

Snoqualmie Valley Trail, Tanner to  ??

6.12 miles
378 feet elevation gain

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