Saturday, July 29, 2017

Seafair Torchlight Run 5K race report


*in the crazy busy year that was 2017, I never managed to write up this race report for one of my favorite local runs. I've decided to capture my notes and memories and backdate this post to race day.

Ahhh, Torchlight. This race is the epitome of Seattle running. The course has shifted over the years, but reached perfection when it started near the Seattle center, ran south along the Torchlight Parade Route (high-fiving kids!), and then turned and ran back along the Viaduct to Seattle Center. 

In 2017, with the knowledge that the Viaduct wouldn't be around much longer, of course we signed up for one of our few races of the year. 

In typical style, we started out at T.S. McHugh's to "hydrate", then made our way to the start, which was quite a ways away from the center. 

But we joined the throngs...

... took the obligatory pre-race photos ...

... and then started making our way through the starting arch in little waves.

I never managed to take any photos along the parade route -- I'm usually too busy high-fiving kids and just grinning inanely. But eventually we made the sharp turn down the hill toward the Viaduct. This hill is super steep, and always makes me slow to a walk.

Then we went on to the Viaduct and it was one of those glorious Seattle summer evenings that always make me smile. 

Ahhh, Viaduct. 

Then it was time to head into the tunnel (dark! spooky!) then out an a few turns to run through the finish line on the Seattle Center campus. We collected our handsome medals, then headed straight back to T.S. McHugh's. Because, of course, tradition. 

Seattle Torchlight Run 5K
14:15 pace

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