Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Quick campsite review : Panorama Point Campground, site 16

We recently spent one night at Panorama Point Campground in site 16. Based on the map below, we though we were getting a site on the water... but where that "tongue" of water is is actually the location of site 15, which happens to be a group site. 

But we were lucky in that we had a quiet couple in the site next door, and predominantly quiet fellow campers. 

We liked our site, even if it wasn't on the water. It was big and roomy, with a nice fire pit, a sturdy picnic table, and plenty of space for our tent. Note: there was no tent pad, though some sites had them. To be fair, no tent pad was mentioned, and the ground wasn't too rocky so it was easy to set up our tent. 

Here's a view from the corner of the site, with a glimpse of the mountains through the trees. 
Panorama Point Campground site 16

Here's a more evenly lit view of our setup; you can see the car and tent at site 15 just a few feet away.  

The day use / picnic area was across the drive from our site. A large family with jet skis colonized a large part of the area for most of the afternoon, but who can blame them for enjoying this view?

We, of course, preferred it when empty in the early morning...

We went for a walk to explore the campground and discovered that there's another day use area at the eastern tip, between sites 12 and 13. It's labeled as NO CAMPING so we sauntered through to find a nice quiet spot to get in the water and enjoy the view. 

A few other things: we didn't interact with the campground hosts at all. At 9:30 we started hearing loud music -- AC/DC's "Highway to Hell", to be specific. And, magically, at 9:45, it stopped. We never quite worked out who was playing it, or if someone stepped in to tell the campers to turn it off. 

We didn't have any RVs near us, so never heard any generators from our site. 

The bathrooms were clean, well-stocked with paper, but really, really stinky. They were also, for reasons unknown, gendered. I mean, if it's a single seater, why???

There was drinking water in the campground, but it looked pretty murky in our clear bottles. Let's just say we drank what we brought with us.

Site 16 wasn't super private -- being across from the day use area and next to two other sites -- but our neighbors were quiet so that was great. 

We liked this campground -- but also know we got super lucky with our neighbors. I guess that's always the case, however!

Panorama Point Site 16 at a glance

Privacy: Just so-so. Not much between the sites.
Tent pad: None, but at least two good spaces to set up a tent.
Fire ring: Nice, with a working flip-down "grill".
Picnic table: In excellent condition.
Bathrooms: Clean, well-stocked, but stinky.
Water: Drinking water available, but it looked pretty murky.
Pro tip: There's a quieter "beach" at the far eastern edge of the campground, between sites 12 and 13.

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