Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hike of the Week : Rattlesnake Ledge

A couple of weeks ago we had a 90-minute hike on our training schedule. It didn't make sense to spend twice as much time driving as hiking, so we settled on a nearby favorite: Rattlesnake Ledge. We headed out there early Sunday morning, arriving just before 7am and gazing up at our destination.

Up there? In 2 miles? Mmmkay.

We set off from the parking lot, curving around the north edge of the lake to get to the actual trailhead.

But first, a nice information board. You know I love a good information board.

Then we were off -- headed up to Rattlesnake Ledge itself.

The trail was nice and wide, super well-maintained. We were amused to find so many people already headed down the trail -- looking as though they were part of a large group, perhaps, but not looking as though they had spent the night on the mountain. Just super early risers, I guess. (I should add it was only a few minutes past 7am when we headed up.)

Luckily much of the trail was shady, because even in the early morning the temperatures had started to heat up. Not many views -- there's the shade part -- but every so often we'd catch a glimpse through the trees:

The trees seemed to thin a bit -- or maybe it was just a trick of the light? -- but we seemed to be reaching the top.

I had read that the junction to the lower ridge -- our destination -- was unsigned. But there is a sign ... along with a great warning sign:

A few hundred feet, some scrambling over rocks, and you emerge onto a rocky ledge with spectacular views.

It's views like this that make you want to shout "Ta-da!"

We found a little spot to sit down for a few minutes and enjoy the views and the sunshine. Oh, and take a #bootie, of course!

But the ledge was starting to fill in and after about 10 minutes, we turned to head back down. We passed dozens of people heading up ... all marveling at how there were people coming down already. They should have seen it at 7!

When we reached the bottom of the trail, we found a little spot and waded into the lake, basking in the sunshine.

Then we headed back to the car and went home -- a nice little hike for a short-hiking day!

Rattlesnake Ledge

4 miles
1160' elevation

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