Sunday, July 19, 2015

Semiahmoo run!!!

We went for a run! No, really, a run. By ourselves. No one even gave us a medal at the end. Sure, it was 3 miles at a slow, 11-minute/mile pace... but it was a RUN. 

I woke up this morning at 5:30 -- again -- but made myself try to sleep and was able to lie in until almost 8. Success!!

But then I was restless, so I decided to get up and read on our lovely balcony -- really need to take advantage of this view, you see!

I made a strategic decision: put on my running clothes. It didn't mean I would necessarily run, but it did make it slightly more likely. 

Wil got up a little after I did... saw me in my running gear, and put his on, too. We decided to run an easy 3 miles -- 1.5 out, 1.5 back -- along the spit that connects Semiahmoo to the mainland. There's a nice paved path that runs along the shoreline, so off we went, seeing bunnies, seagulls, people walking their dogs, and even one or two other runners. It was surprisingly warm already, though we were on the sheltered side of the spit so there wasn't much of a breeze. 

I'm pleased to report that it wasn't too hard, that I could have kept going for quite a while, and that I could have happily sped up a bit. But it was just nice to get out there and put a handful of miles under my feet for the first time in FIVE WEEKS. 

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