Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Well hello there, stranger.

Life has been good, if busy. Not much running, but some fun plans in the works. But I wanted to write about something I read the other day that still makes me giggle. A couple of days ago, my friend Carrie sent me this article:

It's a clever little piece about shoes that he thinks are hideous… complete with images of the shoes, and funny comments, such as "They must be in meetings, and show each other these colourways. And then they must agree to proceed."

And, you guessed it, some of the shoes were by Brooks. 6/25 to be exact. Now, I totally agree with some of the ones called out. Because I didn't like them either. But one pair was especially funny to me:

"These are the hallucinations of a dog sedated for tooth extraction."

Why is this especially funny? Because I OWN THESE SHOES.

Why do I own them?

Because they are ridiculous.

And now I can describe them, thanks to Nick Crocker, as "the hallucinations of a dog sedated for tooth extraction".

BTW, the comments in the original article are great -- a lot of people said they actually liked -- no, LOVED -- some of the shoes on the list. And, well, the shoe companies are really only responding to trend in most cases. So, clearly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Read the entire article and judge for yourself here: https://medium.com/things-ive-written/twenty-five-times-running-shoe-designers-lost-their-freaking-minds-048-afc33f502c16

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