Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Seafair Pirate Run photos are online!

I know that event photos are a money stream for a lot of races. But I LOVE a race that lets you download your images for free. I mean, sure, add a sponsor logo -- AND make them easy to share -- and they'll pay for themselves in word-of-mouth marketing next year. So thank you Seafair and Orthopedic Specialists of Sea ttle… and My EP Events for taking these awesome pix!

Some of my favorites:

A fantastic series on the Viaduct, showing our pirate race faces


(yes, I do hear the "Jaws" theme when I see this sequence….closer….closer….)

These shots from the finish line… pretty lonely, oddly enough!

A couple of photos taken just AFTER the super soaker incident:

And, finally a nice "posed" pic …

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