Sunday, May 4, 2014

Midwest Race-cation day four: Porkopolis

A bit of needless anxiety this morning: would there REALLY be a shuttle at 5am? Answer: of course. So I needn't have fretted about it. Hurrah for TANK!

Now in massive corral F, which stands for Far Far Away From the Start. Police in full riot gear are roaming the corral, in addition to the National Guardsmen checking bibs. 

Super smart feature: there are porta potties IN the corrals. There are more outside, but it's nice to have them in the corrals, too. 

Lots of ladies with pig tails (not in their hair; pinned to their bums) and pig ears. Saw two girls talking to a reporter: "If you can't finish first, finish cute!"

My back and abs are really sore this morning -- coughing is painful -- and I am a little footsore. Don't think this will be one for the record ooks!

Just realized that corral F has no loudspeakers. Feels more peaceful. Of course, none of us can hear any announcements...

Okay, it's almost time to get my oink on!

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