Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Inca Trail Adventure : one month away!!!

It's hard to believe, but a month from now we will be in PERU. It seemed very far in the future when we signed up last November!!!!

Today we managed to get our long sought-after yellow fever vaccinations. It seems there had been a shortage of the vaccine in the U.S. for several months. We started trying to get it back in January, to no avail. Well, that's not 100% true; the King County Health Department had some available, but the only way they would dispense it was if you made a weekday appointment with the travel nurse at a cost of $110 PER PERSON, on top of the vaccine cost. That just seemed absurd, so we didn't want to do it. 

We were, however, pointed to Katterman's Pharmacy... which was HUGELY helpful. Back in March we got the typhoid "vaccine in a pill" as well as the hepatitis vaccine... by just walking in and filling out forms. (And paying for the vaccines, of course!) 

They were finally able to get more vaccine in, so tonight we hustled over there after work and got our jabs. 

One slight weirdness - the pharmacist told us in passing that the vaccine is now considered "lifetime immunity" rather than the previously believed 10 years. Oh, um, we have both had the vaccine before, bit probably not for decades. No matter, really, but it was surprising to learn. 

Also, turns out Wil's insurance covered all three of the vaccines we had gotten so far, so je was able to get a refund on the first two and only pay for the yellow fever docentation ($35) for that. Needless to say, United HealthCare *doesn't*...

Now all we need to do is get a prescription for anti-malaria pills, and we'll be set, medicine-wise!

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