Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I *May* Have a Shoe Problem

Today I decided to take inventory of my running shoes. 53 pairs. I could wear a different pair every week and still have one left over. 

Here's how they break down. 

13 pairs of Adrenaline GTS, from version 10-14. Note the three pair of "all-black" GTS: my favorite colorway of all... at least, until the purple/black and pink glo GTS 14s!

Runners up in the popularity challenge: the PureProject collection, including 7 pairs of the origins PureProject shoes, 
7 pairs of the PureProject 2 shoes, and 
2 pairs, so far, of PureProject 3 shoes.  I don't run in these much, but these are my favorite shoes to wear to work. 

5 pairs of Cascadias, including a pair of the 5, the 6, the 8 (x2), and the 9. The black and pink 8s are my favorite... you can tell because I have two pair! I will be wearing the newer pair on our Inca Trail trek in June.

4 pairs of Green Silence, including a pair of the awesome Union Jack colorway. I also have two pair of the web exclusive "Gothic Grape" colorway, which was seemingly made for me. 

4 pairs of ASRs, 3 of them with Gore-Tex.  One pair VERY MUDDY. I love GTX shoes!

3 pairs of Trances: I ran 2 of my 4 full marathons in Trances. Love the support and the cushion... especially in the last few miles. 

2 pairs of Launches - one before, and one after the (re)Launch. The acid green pair are my absolute favorite. Okay, sure, it's a men's colorway... but I love this color. 

2 pair Racer ST5. The orange and blue were my first ridiculously colored running shoes. I remember wearing them all over SXSW and getting lots of comments. 

Then, of course, there are a few outliers:

1 pair Ariel. I ran in them once; they were just too much shoe for me. 

1 pair Mach Spikeless - quite possibly the coolest shoes ever!!! The men's version of this edition was red snakeskin print. Even though I will never run in these -- heck, I probably won't really ever WALK in these!! -- I love 'em.

1 pair Glycerin 9 - quite possibly the most beautiful running shoes ever!! Not the right shoes for me to run in, but great for walking around in. 

1 pair Transcend -- I discovered that these aren't the right shoes for me to run in... but they're fun to run short distances or just walk around in. SO BRIGHT!

Yeah, that's love. That's love right there.

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  1. You don't have a shoe problem, you have a foot shortage problem! And you seem to be missing one shoe.