Sunday, May 13, 2012

W Mass Mother's Day pre-race report

Feeling pretty dumb for doing this. Have decided to walk, start to finish, and seriously rethink this back-to-back nonsense.

Still, this little race has a lot going for it. One, it starts from the Yankee Candle Company factory. So it smells very fragrant. Two, it has the second best race shirt I have ever received. No, wait, make that the best. A BLACK North Face technical tee. Women's. Sweet. Third, I got socks, gel, and a Yankee Candle air freshener in my goody bag.

I am having that "oh, no, I am going to finish last" worry. Which is a little dumb, but. Someone has to come in last, so why not me this time?

Yesterday I saw a woman in her W.I.S.H. top and was reminded that DLF > DNF > DNS, so I am trying to remember that.

Have decided to wear my PureCadence shoes today. I have walked 13.1 miles in them before, so hopefully I will be fine.

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