Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tacoma City Marathon -- this weekend


But, um, what happened to that Heroes Half you were all fired up about? Hmmm?

Well, see, it's like this.

We really only signed up because we got a deal. And then the week before the race, Wil had a perfect storm of shoulder-head-neck injuries:

- a sinus infection that caused sinus headaches, blocked eustachian tubes, and intermittent vertigo
- a shoulder strain
- a migraine
- a swollen sore throat

He finally went in to see the doctor (sadly not our awesome doctor) on Friday -- she gave him some nasal sprays to clear the blockage -- but the pain and headaches continued.

It wasn't until we were able to see our beloved Dr. Deans on Monday that things got better.

But back to Sunday --

Wil and I prepared to run. We laid out our things the night before, mapped out the route, looked at the parking. Wil was being very brave. We checked and discovered that the race was "very walker friendly" which meant we could inch along as needed.

On Sunday morning Wil got up and had a hot shower to try an limber up a little. He hadn't slept well, but was putting on a brave face. But it was no good -- it didn't make sense for us to grit our teeth and do it. I decided to call it -- we were staying home.

Fast forward a few days -- Wil's feeling much better and we're ready and raring to go this Sunday in the Tacoma City Half Marathon. I'm actually pretty excited about this race -- it's the 2012 Half Fanatics and Marathon Maniacs meet-up (or one of them, but a big one anyway...) so there will be seas of gold and blue shirts in the field. Yeah, I'm a dork...

This also marks the first time (I think...) that I am staying in a "host hotel" for an event -- we're going down to Tacoma the day before, checking ourselves into the Hotel Murano, going to the expo, and enjoying the city. I'm weirdly excited. Perhaps even screwing up my courage and going to the HF meeting. We'll see. :)

Now I'm off to stretch my persnickety hamstring...

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