Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tacoma City Marathon pre-race report

Since there was no race-day packet pickup, in order to avoid two Tacoma trips in two days we decided to book a room a the Hotel Murano, the host hotel for the race.

As we got in the elevator, a woman looked us over and said, "leopard print luggage, long hair... You must be here for the concert."

"ummm, what concert?"

"...Van Halen..."

"oh... Nope. Tacoma City Marathon."

It has been interesting, seeing the culture clash in the hallways and elevators.

Went to the expo, picked up our packets, and then got some Fanatics gear to wear tomorrow. Later we had Mexican food (despite it being cinco de mayo...) and have then spent the evening hanging out in our very nice hotel room.

Feeling tired but excited about tomorrow.

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