Wednesday, December 10, 2008

news roundup

Extremely happy to be home and nestled in my own lovely bed. A few things...

- this morning's swim was my first time swimming since my bike crash, exactly 3 months prior. It seems a very long time ago! I decided to take it easy and swim for only 15 minutes. My shoulder seems to have held up okay, though it feels a little extra tender tonight.

- I somehow managed to leapfrog several runners in my Nike+ challenge to rank 5th overall. Apparently everyone else has stopped running. Sure, I'll never catch up with #4, but I may be able to fend off #6 and 7!

- We received our waivers and bib numbers for the marathon -- 8211 and 8212! Here's hoping they follow the same corral placements as in previous years and we go in the first big corral in the red start.

- On the way home from the airport we stopped in at AAA to pick up... our Disney World trip stuff! It's feeling more and more real every day!

Did I mention that I'm happy to be home?

1 comment:

  1. This is huge! 5th place over all. WOW!!! Congrats. You and Wil are amazing.

    So exciting that your race numbers came today. Remember how we are almost 1/2 through December and you know that that means.....1/2 way to your BIRTHDAY!!! :)

    I'm glad your back too. Work is not the same without you.