Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Very busy afternoon -- a trip to the post office (and then to the shipping center, no lines...), then to Reba's to pick up a wheelbarrow, then home to dig up a layer of sod.... and then to the gym.

Got there at the busiest time; I beat Wil up the stairs and jumped on a recently vacated treadmill; Wil spotted someone leaving as he came upstairs and got on the one at the very end of the line. Hot, smelly, boring treadmill run. 5 minutes of walking, then 50 minutes of running, and 5 minutes of walking to cool down. Yawn.

So it's clear that I won't make my mileage goal for December, what with missing two straight long runs. But better to stay healthy and focus on the real task at hand. The icy sidewalks (and more snow in the near future) make me worry about this weekend. We'll see as we get closer.

My right hip is bothering me again, so I'm really trying to stretch it. Otherwise felt okay on the run, though I wasn't very fast. Hoping the new kicks arrive soon for better cushioning. Funny that my sister Gretchen sent me a link to a story on Cool Running about "the next pair of shoes" -- which I didn't see until coming home from the store to buy new shoes. Thanks for the support! :)

Less than four weeks now -- it seems hard to believe we're almost there!

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