Sunday, December 28, 2008

last long run 0f 2008

Meant to get up early to run today. The snow is finally gone, so no excuses not to get out and run in the real world. But when 7:00 rolled around it was still dark. Very, very dark. So we snuggled back down under the duvet and slept for another hour.

At 8:00 we got up, ate toast, and piled on the layers of clothing. Two long-sleeved shirts and a fleece for me, plus the winter tights. Earmuffs and gloves completed the look. (Very fetching.) I also wore the running belt that I plan on wearing to the race, plus my camelback.

Today was scheduled for a 10-miler; we decided to do the loop we did back on November 29 but in reverse because Wil still swore it was uphill nearly all the way. So down to Fremont, across the bridge and along Westlake to the S.L.U.T. tracks, then along Fairview to the big hill, across the University Bridge, back on to the BGT to Fred Meyer and then home.

I felt okay for the first half or so; then got a strange twinge in my left achilles. Since my right leg tends to be the one that hurts in various spots, pain on the left side was alarming. But I plodded on, feeling less and less happy. When we got to a break around the 8.6 mile mark, I decided to be careful rather than force my way through it. So I walked an interval, sending Wil on ahead. (He was running very strongly!)

At the next interval I decided to try running again, gently. Going around the Adobe campus, I finally glimpsed Wil far in the distance. Again I decided to walk, and Wil doubled back and passed me in the other direction. When he turned again and caught up with me, I started running to keep up with him. At that point we had .24 miles to go. So we ran, celebrating our achievement somewhere by the cement plant.

Walked home the rest of the way; left achilles still tender. So home, stretched a long time, and have been icing and elevating since my shower. Going to try and take it easy this week.

Because I failed to turn off my Nike+ the pace was off, and it captured all the walking on both ends of the run, but we covered 12.47 miles today. Wil had a strong run, and I... well, I am waiting for my new shoes to arrive.

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