Sunday, November 2, 2008

"our short runs used to be our long runs"

I'd admit it, it wasn't the best of weeks. Now, whether my lack of energy was due to conditions at work which means I didn't make myself run -- OR -- whether my lack of running gave me a lack of energy which meant I felt extra bummed at work all week... it's difficult to know. But with absolutely no excuses, I didn't run at all this week. I suppose I could pretend that I decided to take a week to recover from back-to-back weekends of half-marathon runs, but, really, no.

So anyway, today we had a nice 6-mile run on our schedule. I mapped out a new route that we hadn't run before (I love Map My Run!) -- up and over the Sunset Hill Park, then down the steep stairs to Golden Gardens, then following the Burke-Gilman Trail back to the Fred Meyer and then home. We could have run it in either direction, but I decided that I didn't want to get lost looking for the trailhead at the bottom of the hill, so we ran counter-clockwise. Of course, this had the effect of making the vast majority of the run uphill -- with the steep trail and stairs being the only downhill. Maybe next time we have a 6-miler we'll go the other direction.

We didn't get an early start -- I was really sleepy and, despite Wil bringing me a bagel at 7:30, I wouldn't get up. (I did eat my bagel, however). So he got up and went to play Little Big Planet, and I went back to sleep. I finally got up around 10, joined him for a few rounds of LBP, and then we got dressed and headed out.

I felt wheezy from the beginning, and it took me a while before my legs felt loose. But I enjoyed the run for the most part, and I'm glad that -- despite the annoying headwind between miles 2 and 4 -- we stuck with the course and finished the run.

It's been a very strange day, weather-wise. Dark and rainy and stormy early in the morning, becoming brighter again when we set out. At the very end of our run, it started getting very dark again... and we got pelted with rain a few blocks from home. Having had our showers, the sun is out again. Blustery day!

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