Sunday, August 24, 2008

sub-par lsd

Got up relatively early (7:30ish) to have 1/2 bagel each and then get ready for our long run. Headed out of the house around 8:45, then west on 65th, south on 32nd, along the BGT to Golden Gardens, then back, running up the curving hill to 57th (?) and then up 32nd and back across on 64th. I foolishly believed the weather report, which said it would get cold, and wore tights and long sleeves. Big mistake. It was still very warm, and I felt overheated before we even got to the trail. I was already lagging behind Wil, who was running quite strong at first. But then he, too, felt overheated. We had hoped to run 7 miles today, but ended up just running until 5 miles, then walking the direct 1+ miles home.

Still feeling a bit tired and sluggish. We didn't sleep particularly well, or particularly long -- hoping for an early night tonight.

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