Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Open water swim with the Luna Chix!

Just got back from a FANTASTIC swim in Lake Washington with the Luna Chix! Was nervous about going (not knowing anybody, worried I'd be the slowest, etc....), but decided I really needed to go. Found my way to Matthews Beach, nervously changed into my tri shorts and top, and then wandered over to the little circle of ladies. Lots of other first-timers were there, so that put me at ease. Met the Luna Chix themselves -- all nice, all supportive -- and nibbled on some Luna treats (love the pomegranate moons).

Then it was time to get into the water. Lots of women put on wetsuits, which immediately made me apprehensive again. As a result, I joined the "beginner" group, though I pretty much knew I would stay in the water more than 10 minutes. We waded in at the boat ramp, swam slowly through the icky milfoil, and then set out to swim around some boat buoys. I have no idea how far the "course" was, but I swam 3 laps, feeling pretty good. Oh, and the water was fine. Refreshing, even. I focused on relaxing, breathing, and using only my arms.

I feel good -- much more confident about the swim on Sunday -- so I'm really happy I went to the workout. Thanks Luna Chix!!!!

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