Tuesday, April 15, 2008

rest and rehabilitation

Took the rest of last week off. Other than dancing in high heels at Rebecca's birthday party on Friday night, the most energetic I've been since Wednesday's swim and water walk was lounging on the beach in the sun on Vashon Island on Saturday...

So today I was determined to try to run on the treadmill... gingerly... downtown. I took it really easy, walking for 5 minutes, running for 30, then walking for another 5 to cool down. I felt really good the whole time, and even now I feel pretty good. A little stiffness in my right ankle, and of course my IT band is a bit funky, but otherwise okay. I think I'm ready to do a proper long run at the weekend.

Tomorrow I swim...

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  1. Yay for dancing! Can we do a dancing marathon?