Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Another busy morning at the pool... so busy that I had to park down the hill. Weird. A bunch of Speedo Dudes in the fast and medium lane, feeling huffy that a third person dared join the medium lane (me), and loudly complaining about having to swim around us. Which was especially funny because I wasn't even in the pool yet, just sitting on the side, putting on my swim cap. Also funny because they were swimming the same workout, so you'd think they could easily all swim together. Anyway, they finished shortly after I arrived, so I just shared the lane with one woman.

But what a woman. And perhaps as I swam along with her I came to understand the Speedo Dudes' exasperation. She was swimming nice and steady, but also swimming... um... broadly. Backwards breaststroke (or whatever that's called). Which means that, even though I was literally scraping against the lane marker, she was still hitting me or kicking me as we passed. I mean, it wasn't like a triathlon or anything, and I need to get more comfortable with being hit in the pool, but it was weird.

Anyway, on I swam, doing 1250m of freestyle, then 500mm with the pull buoy and swim gloves, and a final 50m to round out the day. I felt pretty good, even if I felt really aware of my arms. This might be a good thing -- maybe I was concentrating on moving my arms to propel me through the water. Or maybe I was just feeling weak. Who knows.

Back feels a little tight, but legs and especially my right ankle feel fine.

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