Thursday, April 17, 2008

mental health day

Having discovered that I have maxed out my vacation time -- meaning that I am essentially volunteering one day every two weeks because I am no longer accruing vacation -- I decided to take a little mental vacation day and stay home.

I really wanted to ride my bike, but I chickened out and ran my errands by car, and then rode my bike in the trainer. Not sure why I'm having this mental block. It makes me feel bad about myself. Oh well. There's always the weekend (if it doesn't snow...).

But I rode 45 minutes "hard", and then stretched out. I must have the cleat in my right shoe in the wrong spot because my knee starts to feel funny towards the end of my ride. There's also a funny clacking noise when I pedal, which I can't seem to identify. Given my knees, I should note that the clacking noise comes from the bike, not my creaky legs... But we'll sort it out.

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