Monday, December 10, 2007

tech support, paneer, bruised Apple, xt...

Went over to Mom's after work to clean up her old PC and play with her pretty MacBook. That sort of tech support comes pretty expensively, so Mom paid us off with Indian food from Pabla. (Yay for Pabla!) Then Wil finally wore me down and convinced me that, yes, an iMac would be a good addition to the living room, so we went off to the Apple store in University Village.

A strange hour later, three "experts" and one "genius" couldn't answer our question about networking and viewing photos from the other machines (using FrontRow), we decided to buy one anyway... only to be sold the wrong version. My spidey sense was tingling, so we went back into the store to ask. Additional hilarity ensued, with questions about "When did you buy it?" ("Two minutes ago.") "Did you change your mind?" ("No... .we asked for the wireless version and were given a wired version.") "Is it open? There's a restocking fee." ("No, you fool, we JUST BOUGHT IT."). And then they brought out ANOTHER wrong version. Finally, they found what we wanted in the back room, we paid the difference ($50), and we left.

At the "unboxing", we had our "Ooooh!" moment dampened a little when we realized that the machine was actually loaded with Tiger. I suppose the statement "Now shipping with Leopard!" is still true, as there was a Leopard install disc in the box... but it's not exactly "It just works", now, is it Steve?

Anyway, the lengthy install of Leopard gave me time to nip downstairs and get in 20 minutes of hard riding on the bike trainer, plus time to stretch and shower. Now I'm just hoping I can soothe this stomach ache (curry + riding = sad belly), shower, relax, and get to sleep in under an hour. Meanwhile, Wil is still waiting for Leopard. Bad kitty.

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