Friday, March 9, 2018

100 days of Ulysses

When I started my 100-Day Challenge last year, I was chatting to my friend Rebecca online and she started thinking about a reading project:

Rebecca: I could devote 10 days to reading Don Quixote.
O r Ulysses.
Me: We should back out 100 days from Bloomsday next year and read Ulysses then.
Rebecca: That's fun! I've never read it.
Me: Neither have I. Oh, but you'll be cycling through France and should be reading Frenchy French things.
Rebecca: I could read Montaigne for 100 days. That's on my list, too.
Me: We would have to start Ulysses on March 8, 2018
Rebecca: I like that
Me: to hit 100 days on June 16
Rebecca: Even if I read some in France
Me: Just read it with a French accent. Or with French wine.
Rebecca: Or read ahead for 14 days
Me: Frank Delaney's re:joyce podcast says: If you can trick a friend into reading it with you, so much the better.
Rebecca: Ok, that's sorted.
March 8.
I already have a copy somewhere
Me: It *might* be March 9... that would mean June 16 is day 100
I think
I have sent you an invitation for March 9 on google calendar
Rebecca: Ok then!
Eric thinks we are silly
Me: Then he's not invited.
Rebecca: He just does stuff
Me: But we love A PROJECT
Rebecca: We do!

So here it is, March 9 … and it's time to kick this project off. We've been joined by our friend Simon -- who is reading a handsome Modern Library edition, while Rebecca and I are reading the Gabler edition.

I know I won't read every day -- that some days I'll binge, while other days I'll just try to avoid eye contact with the reproachful, neglected book. But I'll get through it! And I can foresee some days spent reading at the pub...

I'll check in again on April 7, May 7, and June 6, and post a wrap-up on June 16... Bloomsday!

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