Friday, September 2, 2016

One year until summit day!!!

One year from today -- if all goes well -- Wil and I will summit Mount Kilimanjaro; 5895m/19,341ft. Here's Jenny Hadfield's description of our day:

Day 8: Summit Day Kibo Huts (4,695 m/15,400 ft) to Uhuru Peak (5,895 m/19,340 ft) to Horombo Huts (3,690 m/12,100 ft) 10-15 hours walking. Wake at midnight to a light breakfast, then prepare for your summit ascent. The goal is to climb before dawn so that you can reach Uhuru Peak shortly after sunrise. Leave at 1 AM, switchback up steep scree or possibly snow, and reach Gilman’s Point on the crater rim at 5,861 m/18,640 ft between 5 and 7 AM. Here, views of the fabled crater and its icecaps greet you.  
Another 2 hours of hiking along the crater rim takes you to Kilimanjaro’s true summit, Uhuru Peak, by 9 AM. This is Africa’s highest point, and you would have to travel more than 3,000 miles toward the Himalayas to find a higher peak! Be sure to have your picture taken at the summit to show your friends. After your summit stay, descend back to the Kibo Huts, have lunch, rest, collect your things, and re cross the saddle down to the Horombo Huts. Eat dinner and get some well-deserved sleep!

We'll have to work hard over the next 365 days to prepare for the climb -- but we're looking forward to our next big adventure!

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