Saturday, September 17, 2016

Legacy Love from runDisney - Tinker Bell Half Marathon Edition

We're 7-ish months away from the 2017 Tinker Bell 1/2 Marathon Weekend... which means it's almost time to get signed up. (Or, if you're an annual passholder, your sign ups are already underway.)

Wil and I discussed our plans for 2017 and had decided to not sign up for the Pixie Dust Challenge this year -- we have a lot of races to run and trimming the extra night off our trip seemed like the right idea.

That said, I figured I might have some sort of crisis of desire when sign ups came ... lord knows it has happened before...

And then I got this email from runDisney. At first I assumed it was just a reminder that sign ups for the 2017 race open on Tuesday, September 20 -- but then I noticed the subject line: "Sunny, your special registration awaits!"

Now, I used to work in email marketing, so I figured that it was just a nice bit of personalization, personally reminding me that I can sign up with the rest of hoi polloi on Tuesday.

Then I saw this:

Oh! It *is* a special registration! Golly! Wil got one too, so we decided to go ahead and sign up and just get it done.

Interestingly enough, the only race each of us were allowed to register for was the Half Marathon, which is fine because we had already decided just to run that event. But I must admit to being a little surprised that runDisney didn't allow us to "supersize" our event (after all, we had also run both previous Pixie Dust Challenges!). But this just sealed the deal and guaranteed that we wouldn't change our minds at the last minute.

I love it when a race recognizes and celebrates their legacy runners -- so a big thank you to runDisney for making us feel special!

If you haven't been as lucky as us and haven't been able to run all the Tinker Bell Half Marathons, your chance to register is Tuesday, September 20 at noon Eastern at There has been one big change since I wrote this tips article last year  (11 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend Registration Tips and Tricks): you now need to show proof of time for a predicted finish under 2:45 -- a huge change. However, you can now submit your proof of time when you register, so you don't have to remember to submit it later. Not that anyone would ever forget to submit their proof of time...

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