Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tinker Bell 10K race report

We're halfway through Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend -- let's get a little caught up. 

Flew down Friday morning, got settled in the hotel, went into Disneyland to ride Pirates of the Carribean, then headed over to the Disneyland Hotel. 

It had been drizzling, so the carpeted ramp was super slippery. And, apparently, black and white. Must be the rain. Disney noir. 

First we picked up our bibs. Amazingly, we had NO LINE. My luck may have rubbed off on Wil. We were celebrated as Legacy runners with a shout out... and a special bib. 

We took our "challenge" photo, then headed over to this congratulations wall: 

The 900-ish runners all have their names up on the board. So simple, yet so charming! Basically, seeing this made me #tinklegacyforlife ...

Me and Wil on the board. 

Then it was time to receive our "legacy gift". The Wine and Dine legacy runners received a spatula... We Tinks got... a mirror compact. 

(I'm actually pleased with it, Wil less so...)

Then to the expo proper...

We picked up our shirts (meh....) and took a quick pass through the Expo... but then went to go look for the official merch. 

I'm not ashamed to admit it -- we waited in line for 10 minutes to shop the merch. But the line moved quickly, and the shopping was actually pleasant because there wasn't a huge crush of people. We found all the medal pins (to go with the rest of the race pins we preordered) and a runDisney ornament, and were surprised by the amount of things still available. (Race jackets! We could have bought race jackets!)

Then back to the hotel to survey the haul.  

So. Many. Pins. And, no, we never managed to get past year's pins on the lanyard. 

There was some park time, some "Alertos" burritos, and then an early night. 

We woke up to a weird noise...  Was it the wind? Nope. Rain. Rain rain rain. 

But off we went ... All costumed up, but also wearing our Nanopuffs. 

We walked through a very wet Downtown Disney,

got into our corral: B; and then got ready for the start. Here was our view of the start:

and a view back down the corrals. Look at all the Tinks!

Finally, time for A to start!

Which meant it was time for our pre-race photo!

And... our turn to Go!

Managed not to take any photos during the 10K, other than this attempt at a Castle photo. Teeny tiny castle!

I had a surprisingly hard time. No idea why. Just struggled. But we finished.

And got a nice medal. 

Tomorrow: the half. 

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