Monday, May 2, 2016

runDisney, why can't I quit you?

I am not a fan of virtual races. There. I said it. 

And the few I have done were either charity events (raising money for Girls on the Run) or at least required some "proof" using a fitness tracker (Nike+ Women's Half, Route 66 Challenge).

And then this happened.

Yep, a runDisney virtual race. Not just one race, but a series of three. And, of course, each one has A CUSTOM MEDAL. Dammit.

They are, ostensibly, "charity races" -- though to be honest I can't tell if runDisney is pitching in to the charity, or whether runners are just encouraged to make donations themselves. More to come on that.

And, look, I know that it's potentially a way for people who can't travel to Disney to be able to participate in some of the magic of a runDisney event... except, it's not really.

My hesitation has nothing to do with the distance -- a 5K is a great distance -- so it's not that it's "just" a 5K.

It's that there's no "proof". So, basically, you pays yer money, you gets yer medal. You don't need to upload any sort of timing information at all. Which, of course, lowers the barrier to entry, etc. etc. It also makes things waaaaaay easier on the runDisney tech team.

So, for $39, runDisney will send you a medal. I mean, it's a cute medal, and each one is different.

Heck, there's even a series -- you can register for all three and get a "bonus medal" and a tumbler.

Of course, as usual, signing up for the series costs more than the three individual events combined: $142 for the three-"race" series.

All of which makes me feel weird. Basically I'm just buying a fistful of medals, a tumbler, and some "virtual bibs". Sigh.

And, of course, I bought in. All the way in.
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Buying in means I get entitlements ... I am entitled


I hate myself for loving you.


  1. We are on the virtual road to hell together. At least we'll have cute medals.

  2. I just bought $142 worth of souvenirs. Right?