Thursday, March 31, 2016

#TBT - a bit of running history

While moving some stuff around this afternoon, Wil unearthed a small pile of "papers"... some hang tags from Ex Officio, a couple of stickers, and these:

Now, this may not look very exciting (and, okay, it's not...), but these are the long lost race bibs from the first 5K of our "serious" running lives. 

Sure, we had run a 5K before. I had even run a duathlon the previous spring, and we had both run a triathlon that summer. 

But these bibs were from the Resolution Run from January 1, 2008 -- the year we had resolved to train for and run our first marathon. Amusingly, our official time from the race, 30:10, stood as my 5K PR for years!

I remember the race -- lovely and flat on roads around Magnuson Park. We were given hats as swag -- HATS! Hats that we still own today! -- along with one of my all time favorite race tees: grey, long sleeve, cotton tee with 2008: Year of the Runner printed on it. Awesome. And we saw a bald eagle. 

The back of the bib included a coupon for $15 off a pair of shoes at Road Runner ... And we decided to get new shoes in the days after the race. So when I couldn't find the bibs later on, I just assumed that we had surrendered them to the sales clerk. 

So, I'm not sure why they reappeared today, but I am thrilled to have my only missing bib back so that I can add it to my bib keeper -- which will now hold all of my race bibs. 

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