Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Snapshots from today's travel to Guymon, OK

So I still don't know the words to that "Amarillo" song... and I still don't know how to pronounce "Guymon"... but I arrived here after two flights and a drive through a powerful windstorm.


After landing in Amarillo, I made a beeline to see the Ozymandias Legs...


Not gonna lie, I thought they would be bigger.
Then I turned north toward Guymon, driving on nearly empty highways through the storm. TUMBLEWEEDS. Seriously. TUMBLEWEEDS.
Couldn't resist making a brief stop here...


"It's pronounced doo-MOSS..."
The route then passed through Texhoma (hoorah!), but the sky had turned weirdly dark and I didn't linger ... other than to snap this pic...


Then it was just another twenty miles to Guymon:


I found my hotel, then scouted out tomorrow's race site, and then went to the sprawling Wal-Mart to get some water, soda, and supplies. I also picked up dinner, but then decided to be brave and go to a pub.



Nope, it's not called Allen's. It's The Pub on the Bricks. I had a pint and too much dinner while doing some people-watching and watching basketball.


It's a cold night, but the storm is supposed to literally blow over. Fingers crossed for a nicer tomorrow!


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