Tuesday, May 19, 2015

101 Tasks in 1001 Days - 250 days in

I wish I could tell you that I'm ahead of schedule -- that in the first 250 days I have completed a quarter of my tasks.

But I can't.

Part of it is the way I wrote the tasks -- some of them, such as #77: "Prepare 1 new recipe / month" won't be "done" until the final few days. Either that, or I'll miss a month, and the task is incomplete.

Part of it is that I am just not revisiting the list to see what I can or should be working on.

But let's take a moment to highlight the 19 things I have completed:

1. Finish my list of 101 tasks -- finished 11/13/14!
4. Update the 50 States Challenge page
11. Participate in a blog hop - completed 9/30/14!
12. Instagram for the blog
13. Add an Instagram widget
14. Set up a new Twitter handle - complete (okay, not a new handle, but I reactivated the @teamwilsun handle, so I'm calling it good)
87. Add a "countdown" (1/101, 2/101, etc.) widget to the blog
19. Fix needlepoint frame
28. Purge craft cabinet
29. Design and complete a "dad" memory craft
92. Make Christmas card tree
33. Hike Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon - completed 10/4/14
42. Organize my retirement accounts - completed 3/27/15
94. Update my address book
95. Apply for Global Entry program - approved 4/17/15!
57. Run a sub 30-minute 5K - completed 11/02/14!
72. Watch all of West Wing - completed 11/30/2014
73. Watch all 6 Star Wars films in one day - completed on "ThanksGEEKing", 11/27/2014
84. Make cheese at home -- FIVE kinds so far! (Parmesan, mozzarella, feta, paneer, ricotta

That means I'm a bit short… however, there are some other tasks where I am progressing well:

6. Blog 150 times - as of today, I have made 58 blog posts -- so I'm slightly ahead of schedule here
17. Finish "honey" cross stitch by March 2015 -- well, I didn't make the time part of the task, but I'm still working diligently at the piece, and when I finish (June?) I'm still taking credit for it.
76. Visit 5 new museums or exhibits -- 3/5, with more to come soon
77. Prepare 1 new recipe / month -- 9/9 so far!! If/when I do this project again, I think I'll set it up as try x new recipes, rather than 1/month.
88. Take cheese courses at River Valley Cheese -- took the first one on 11/22/14, and am waiting for a class that features a cheese I really want to learn.

Finally, here are some tasks where I am slowly progressing…

2. Create an "about us" page -- this content is written, I just haven't sat down and crafted the page. I hope to wrap this up within the next couple of weeks
3. Create an "about us" widget for the blog -- this is coded … though of course it doesn't make sense to add it to the blog without having anywhere to land it on!
36. Make our wills -- we have a great new benefit at work which includes a service to write your own will. Okay, maybe I haven't progressed beyond researching that we have an online tool… but that's farther than I have come in 46 years!
37. Make my advance directive (5 Wishes) -- I actually reviewed the one I wrote nearly 10 years ago, and for the most part, it hasn't changed. I'd still like to sit down and get new ones written and witnessed.

The mathletes among you will notice that I'd only be "on track" if I had actually completed all of those tasks. So I'm falling behind (I hear the voice of the Master of the Crucible from Destiny as I type that).

I feel like it's time to recommit. In 115 days I'll be at the first anniversary of the project. Can I complete 20 more tasks? Unlikely, since I haven't completed 20 so far! But I think I can pick up some low-hanging fruit, including some of the blog goals (WordPress shadow blog and about me page), fitness goals (the pushups, the mile, touching my dang toes), some craft goals (the bracelets), adventure goals (stand up paddle boarding, camping), some very timely GOHIO goals (resume, LinkedIn, Parachute), summery House Proud goals (stain the patio, plant annuals), and even some "new" goals (slack line! hula hooping!).

Words of encouragement, tough love, etc. are welcomed….

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