Friday, March 6, 2015

Long time, no blog

Figured I should actually write up some of my thoughts from the past few weeks...

I had decided to attempt my first ever "run streak" by running every day in February. Sure, running every day on the cruise was almost too easy, but I did run when we got home. But I noticed on the Tuesday that I was really struggling to breathe... which I just put down to the cold temperatures. But on Wednesday I couldn't breathe deeply at all, and had to walk most of the way. Not good!

I spent a few days with a weird, raspy cough that just got worse. Eventually I added a bit of sneezing, a blocked nose, and my ears were blocked, but my lungs just felt weird. Finally, two weeks after coming home I broke down and went to see a doctor. 

His diagnosis? Bronchitis progressing to pneumonia. Hoorah. I left there with nose spray, antibiotics, ear drops, and high-power decongestants. 

It's been a week and a half now and I am finally not winded when I walk up the stairs, but sadly I still haven't run another step. Sigh. 

I did drag myself to hot yoga, which felt pretty good, but more on that another time. 

Today I am at the eye doctor to have something called a YAG procedure. Apparently, a lot of folks lucky enough to have cataract surgeries as "young" people will need this bonus procedure a year or two later. Basically, a membrane of cells has grown across where my new lens is, which makes everything foggy. So the doc will is a LASER to cut a hole in the membrane, and it will pop out and float to the bottom of my eye, and eventually disintegrate. 

I imagine it looking like this:

Or, you know, that image of someone cutting a hole in a window with a diamond ring and then just popping it out?

Of course, it won't be that exciting. This is what the laser actually looks like:

Still... LASERS!!!

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