Thursday, February 19, 2015

Caribbean Running Cruise Race Report

We loved the 2015 Caribbean Running Cruise -- huge thanks to John, Jenny, Mila, Karen, and our fellow running cruisers! I can honestly recommend this trip to runners, walkers, singletons, couples, what have you. There's plenty of support and love for anyone who moves at any speed, as long as you are willing to have fun.

To help anyone in the future who might be on the fence about whether this cruise is for them, I've put together this "omnibus" post -- with links to each day's write-up.

Day 1 - Embarcation Day, when we sailed from Fort Lauderdale and met our fellow cruisers

Day 2 - Sunday Night Lights Predictor Run, when we ran laps on a very blustery night ... with glow necklaces!

Day 3 - At Sea, when we learned about the Penguin Plan

Day 4 - St. Maarten Scenic Run, when we ran along the seafront in Philipsburg

Day 5 - St. Kitts Rain Forest Hash, when we ran with a local Hash House Harriers group

Day 6 - San Juan Amazing Race, when we ran amok in the streets, dressed as pirates (and that was before the piƱa coladas...)

Day 7 - Haiti Relays, when we met some of the Street Hearts boys and ran through the "island paradise" of Labadee

Day 8 - At Sea, and a Celebration, when we celebrated our successes, honored our winners, and met the captain

Day 9 - Debarkation Day, when it took us a Very Long Time to get home

Now... where shall we go next?

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