Thursday, October 2, 2014

Grand Canyon Bound! (Well, sorta...)

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Wil and I are sitting at the airport waiting for our flight... because this weekend we're finally going to hike the Grand Canyon RIM TO RIM!!!
Why "sorta" Grand Canyon bound? Because we're flying to San Diego to see our friends Jen and Mike, and then hopping in a van with them and some of their other SD pals tomorrow morning to drive to the North Rim. Well spend tomorrow night on the rim, then start hiking early on Saturday... and hike and hike and hike the 24 miles to the South Rim.
A celebratory dinner, a good night's sleep, and then on Sunday we'll head back to San Diego. Wil and I are taking a bonus day in SD to hang out with Jen and Mike a little longer, and then coming home. So the trip feels both very whirlwind (just 4 days!) and very long (24 miles rim to rim!).
Here's a quick look at the route in cross-section:

We'll start at the North Kaibab Trailhead, when quickly drop several hundred feet in elevation via switchbacks down to the Supai Tunnel. We just keep going down, down, down for 13.8 miles until we reach Phantom Ranch, where we'll take a break for lunch. (Fresh socks! Woot!)
Then we'll start up the Bright Angel Trail... pretty much 9 miles straight up. I mean, who doesn't love a switchback???
Grand Canyon map
I feel both excited and nervous about this weekend. Whatever happens, we'll have stories to tell! Wish us luck!

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