Monday, September 15, 2014

A belated introduction

Wil and I have been blogging for a several years now … since October 30, 2007 to be exact. In that first post… entitled, oh so creatively, "My First Post", I introduced myself, starting the post with "I have never been a runner."

Well, it's nearly seven years later and I'm happy to say that I am a runner… and I have been for seven years.

To be honest, I've been a runner for longer than that -- I raced a triathlon in the summer of 2007, so I clearly ran to train for that… I just didn't blog about it. And I didn't consider myself a runner.

But I *am* a runner… and a writer, and a traveler, and a crafter. (Yes! I'm crafty!!!) And that's why, all these years later, I still blog. I mainly write about my running -- especially after races. But I also sometimes write about our other adventures -- like our recent trip to Peru to trek the Inca Trail.

So, why introduce myself now? As with my running, sometimes I need a little external motivation. If you look back over my posts (or, indeed, my mileage counts!), you'll see that sometimes I have a lot to talk about, and sometimes apparently not. That said, I think I often have things I'd like to talk about, but I don't make the time.

I decided to join a blogging challenge -- Blogging 101 -- to get me blogging more regularly. And today's challenge was to "Introduce Yourself".

It made me realize that it's been a while since I introduced myself… a lot has obviously changed since that first post in 2007!

So. I'm Sunny -- the chattier half of Team Wil-Sun. Wil's my better half. In November we'll have been married 9 years… and I still maintain that we have the best "origin story" of any couple we've ever met. If you ever meet us, we'll be happy to spend an hour or so telling you all about it. :)

We started blogging so that we could keep track of our running progress -- keep ourselves inspired and honest. It also gave us a way to share our journey for our first real running goal: to run a marathon.

The happy, surprise side-effect was that I LOVE going back and reading over old entries -- to see just how far we've come. It's really inspiring to re-read early training reports, and race reports. And I still get a little weepy when I re-read the race report from our first marathon.

Another nice side effect was that we inspired a few friends to run. Hopefully not in a "holy crap, if THEY can do it, anyone can do it!" sort of way. And that's made me incredibly proud. So maybe, if I keep blogging, we'll inspire even more people to run. Even if that's only ourselves. :)

Team Wil-Sun at Machu Picchu, June 2014

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