Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The results are in!


So the other day I ran the Oso United 5K. And I missed the turnaround point - which is my fault. (Part of racing is knowing the course!)


Was a little bemused to get the results today... not just because I had inadvertently been placed in the 20-29 age group. I ended up coming in 92nd out of 302 finishers in the 5K, with a time of 31:00.3 and a pace of 9:58/mile.


(Clearly not a super speedy group, but that wasn't the purpose of the day!)


That time was good enough to place me at 9/41 women 20-29... or 9/56 women 40-49. Hey, I'm super pleased with that!


Here's what's extra interesting: if I hadn't missed the turn and ran at my 9:20 pace, I would have come in 54th overall, and 5/56 in my age group. So I am SUPER PLEASED with that.


Tomorrow I head to the Midwest for the Indy Mini and Flying Pig half marathon -- excited!!!




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