Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas registration opens today

I have toyed with running this race for years now -- it's a night race, it's a Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, and it just seems like a lot of fun. 

Full disclosure: I work for Brooks, and we sponsor the RnR races. I also happen to dislike Vegas. 

But I really do love a Rock 'n' Roll race, and I hear that Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas is one of the best. And registration for 2014 opens today.

Of course, this year Team Wil-Sun will be in Disneyland, having run the Avengers Super Heroes Half that morning. (And, yes, it is completely possible to run both races... If you started in Vegas, attended packet pickup at the RnR expo, flew to Anaheim, picked up your packet, then ran the Avengers half on Sunday morning, and then flew to Vegas in time for the 4:30 start.... But that's not on our list this year....)

The half and the full are currently $125, a "half of the half" race is $65, and -- hey, it's Vegas, baby -- three different VIP packages are available. Hey, you get to run down the Strip, at night, neon glittering, and drunk frat boys and sorority girls stumbling past. And you will most likely be moving faster than a car would move on the same stretch, if the road were open to traffic. 

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