Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 running goals

New year, new goals. As I always say to the Brooks email subscribers, goals are better than resolutions. So without further ado, here are my running goals for 2014!

This year I am changing my focus a little bit. Rather than in recent years, when I've run lots of events (or lots of long runs, at least!), my goal will be to run more consistently.

1. Run 14 in '14

This is the key goal for the year -- everything else pales in comparison. I want to run at least 14 miles every week. Not walking, mind you. But every week, simply run 14 miles. I expect that some weeks I'll run more, but I do not want to run less. Weeks start on Mondays and finish on Sundays -- gives me a chance to do a long run to catch up if need be. Also, I'm going to be much choosier about the races I run -- I don't need to run a local half marathon if it isn't something very special. Do I get to run somewhere that I couldn't normally run? Will at least half the proceeds go to a charity I care about? Will I earn a new state? Unless the answer to at least one of these is yes, then I can save the money. ($85 including fees to run a small local race? No thanks.)

Current: 1/1

- 1 -
0 weeks
52 weeks

2. Run at least 700 miles.

The mathematical geniuses who read this blog will spot that this should be a gimme -- after all, if I'm running 14 miles per week, that works out to 728 miles, right? Well, I think of this as an "insurance" goal. Maybe I don't make 14 every single week. But if I do most of the time, and run longer some weeks, well, then I should be able to get 700 miles in 2014. It bears mentioning that this will be the most miles I have ever run in a year, so it's still a lofty goal. But this feels like the year to work on consistency and dedication. So here I go. By the way, week one only had 5 days… and both Wil and I hit 14 miles.

Current: 14.28 miles as of 1/5

0 miles
700 miles!

3. Run half marathons in three new states in 2014. 

Not sure I'll get as much traveling for work in this year, but I am hoping to pick up a new state or two after attending at least one conference, and I'm hoping to be able to travel to one of the Rock 'n' Roll events in the fall -- hello, Philly? I'm lookin' at you. And not just so I can get my "Rocky" on...

Current: 0 new states

0 out of 3
0 half marathons
3 half marathons

4. Set a PR in the 5K.

This was been a stretch goal for two years straight… though I didn't actually run any real 5Ks in 2013. At least any 5Ks where I didn't have to climb an obstacle crawl through mud, avoid zombies, or get doused in color. So this year I'm going to go for it. At least once.

5. Break 2:10 in the half.

Oh, and, well, I would still love to break 2:10 in the half. But I'm not sure that's a "goal" as much as a nice idea...

6. Blog!

I love writing this blog, even if hardly anyone reads it. But I want to keep writing and try to get more regular with my posting… if only because I love looking back over the blog to see how far I've come as a runner.


  1. These are great goals! I love the bar that tracks your progress throughout the year.