Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 wrap-up and running goals review

Having finally -- FINALLY -- submitted my annual review at work, I guess I can make the time to write my annual running review!

I didn't run nearly as much as I had hoped in 2013, though I ran 15 half marathons, a full marathon, and a bunch of weird little 5K and adventure races. As a reminder, here's my list of running goals in 2013.

1. Add five new states to my list. 

I am THRILLED to have picked up five new states, bringing my total to 22. It still feels like a very, very long way to go to hit 50! I ran in Virginia and West Virginia after attending the Bronto Summit in April, and then picked up Wisconsin and Illinois on the weekend before in September. I also had the chance to work the expo -- and run the half -- at Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis in October.

Current: 5 new states

- 5 -
0 states
5 states

2. Run 13 half marathons in 2013. 

Thirteen in 'Thirteen? Got it, and then some. And I do mean races rather than runs. I'd had hoped to get in a race every month, especially since we found a race in February, but it was difficult to find a non-trail race locally in August. Still, it wasn't pushing it to run 15 halfs by the end of the year.

Current: 15 races

15 out of 13
0 half marathons
13 half marathons

3. Run at least 600 miles.

This was a weird stretch goal for me -- even with all of the half marathons, I didn't hit 600 in 2012.  And I did't end up coming close in 2013, either. The delayed office move to Seattle didn't help -- but I haven't exactly been doing much other running. The eye surgeries... and broken finger... have kept me from running as much as I should have. Well, that and the general laziness!

Current: 386.699 miles as of 12/31

0 miles
600 miles!

4. Set a PR in the 5K.

This was the stretch goal. I managed not one but two half marathon PRs in 2012, but I'd like to see if I can't get faster at shorter distances. I suppose I would need to be RUNNING 5Ks in order to PR in a 5K. Harrumph. And I didn't actually run a 5K the entire year, though I did score a 5K PR in more than one of my half marathons (judging by my time at the 5K split). Still, that doesn't count, so let's call this a fail.

5. Break 2:10 in the half.

Oh, and, well, I would have loved to break 2:10 in the half. But I'm not sure that's a "goal" as much as a nice idea...

6. Pay it forward.

I wanted to volunteer at a race -- any distance, I don't care. AND I wanted to spend a morning cheering for strangers at a race that's at least a half marathon. I could use a bit more race karma, I think. Plus I think it will make me feel really happy afterward.

I volunteered at the Good Karma 5K as a course marshall (or whatever it is called when you point people in the right direction!). But I didn't manage to get out to any other half marathon to cheer. So I'll add that back to the list in 2014.

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