Friday, May 31, 2013

Spirit of the Marathon II

Yesterday, since I was working from the LiveAreaLabs office (thanks for the hospitality!), I ran a Very Exciting Errand -- I went to the cinema to buy these:

We saw the first Spirit of the Marathon movie when we were training for our first marathon ... and it was fantastic. The movie itself followed the lives of 6 or runners as they trained to run the Chicago Marathon. Some of the runners were training for their first race, while others -- including the eventual women's winner, Deena Castor -- were very experienced.

Every runner faced challenges along the way -- one of the subjects actually had to bow out due to injury -- but each story was inspirational and moving. So of course I got teary-eyed several times throughout the film!

I actually blogged about the first movie:

After our workout, we went to Pacific Place for to see "Spirit of the Marathon", a documentary about training for and running the marathon. Wil kept nudging me at moments when he knew I'd be teary. Which was often. It was strange and fun to be in a movie theater full of runners -- lots of people calling out to each other, talking about their weekend run, etc. Wil and I talked to a man who runs half marathons -- has been doing it for seven years. During the movie people gasped, laughed, and cheered. And, of course, everyone left feeling inspired.

Then, a few days ago, I came across an ad for Spirit of the Marathon II. And, yeah, I'm super excited. Here's how the filmmakers describe the film:

From the producers of the award-winning documentary Spirit of the Marathon (2008), this highly-anticipated sequel follows seven runners from around the world as they journey to the starting line of the 2012 Rome Marathon. Spirit of the Marathon II weaves the compelling stories of each runner - the trials and the triumphs - that paved their road to Rome. The documentary also features insightful interviews with marathon greats such as Stefano Baldini, Paula Radcliffe, Frank Shorter, and many others, as they offer perspective and insight into this legendary race. In addition, immediately following the presentation, movie theater audiences will be treated to an exclusive featurette with never-before-seen interviews, deleted scenes and memorable outtakes from the filming of the documentary.

I loved sitting in the cinema with other people who loved running -- even if I didn't feel like one of them yet. Now I think I may actually have a nodding acquaintance with some of them.

The film is showing in select cinemas nationwide on Wednesday, June 12, at 7 pm. The list of cinemas showing Spirit of the Marathon II is available online, and apparently they're adding new screens all the time. I highly recommend it to anyone who runs.

Watch the trailer here:

I'll be packing my tissues -- but I'm a sap like that. :)




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