Friday, May 24, 2013

Scenes from the run... ummmm, WALK

Having had eye surgery on Wednesday, I am not allowed to run until Sunday, when I can go for a "gentle" run. 

But I was feeling a bit antsy today, so I decided to go for a walk out to the lookout and back. Going for a walk, rather than a run, meant that I noticed a lot of interesting things, even while following a route I have run dozens of times.

I saw gorgeous rhodies that made me want to plant some in the front garden:

I saw a fine collection of toys:

I saw the signs:

I saw the grumpiest little gargoyle imaginable:

I saw some art on a phone pole:

I saw the strangest (yet perhaps most obvious?) mascot for a plumbing company:

So, while I hope to get back to running soon, I enjoyed slowing down and really taking notice of my surroundings during today's walk. 

And at the end, discovered that I had crossed this Nike+ milestone:

2501 miles?!? That doesn't include a couple of hundred miles running on treadmills (I don't bother with the shoe pod anymore). But still a nice big number, I think!!!


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